General Rules and Regulations 
Pre entries close . Saturday June 3rd 2017  Post-entries will be accepted until Thursday, June 8, 2017.    NO NEW ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AFTER 8:00 P.M. THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017
2. Pre entries (June 3, 2017 and before) are $4.00 per class for adults.  Junior classes are $3.00 per class and youth classes are $2.50 per class.  Adult cattle classes are $12.00 per class.  Junior cattle classes are $11.00 per class and the Youth cattle class is $9.50.  Trail classes are $6.00 for adults,  $5.00 for juniors & $4.50 for youth. 
        Post entries-(after June 3, 2017 are $6.00 per class for adults, juniors are $5.00 per class and youth are $4.50 per class.  Adult cattle classes are $14.00 per class, junior cattle classes are $13.00 per class and  the youth cattle class is $11.50 per class.  Trail classes are $8.00 for adults, $7.00 for juniors & $6.50 for youth. 
3.  Contestants already registered may add or delete classes, HOWEVER, if adding additional classes, this MUST BE DONE at least 3 classes before the event.
4. No refund of entry fees after the show starts, 8:00 a.m. Friday, June 19, 2017.   A  refund request must be made in writing.  Classes cancelled because of weather conditions are non refundable. 
5.  The Judge/Show  Committee have the right to excuse any animal or handler from the arena and the show for abuse, unmanageability, profane language or unsportsmanlike like conduct.  This will be strictly enforced.  The judge’s decision is final.
6.   Animals may be shown by different handlers in different classes, but may only be     entered ONCE in each class.
7.  Each animal will be issued a number, which must accompany that animal in each class. 
8.  Participants must be ready to enter the arena when their class is called.  Gate holds will be allowed for tack and clothes changes and MAY NOT EXCEED 3 MINUTES. No late contestants allowed into arena once the class has started and gate is closed. 
9 The use of mechanical hackamores, tiedowns, running martingales, drawreins  nosebands or other training equipment and using 2 hands with a curbed bit may cause elimination in performance classes.  This equipment will be allowed in game events, driving events and kindergarten western pleasure and cattle events.
10.  There will be no “re-rides” or “second-chances” for equipment failure/breakage.  If a contestant cannot complete the class as is then the contestant will be excused from that class.
11.  There are 3 divisions of classes:  Adult 18 and over, Junior 17 to 11 and Youth 10 and under. Contestants in Youth classes must be 10 years or under as of June 1, 2017, Junior contestants must be 11 to 16 years old as of June 1, 2016
12.   ATTN YOUTH AND JUNIORS: Contestants may compete as an adult for adult high point awards but cannot enter in both age groups .  If a youth or junior wishes to compete in the adult classes for points they need to enter in adult classes only and pay adult entry fees.          If a junior or youth decides to enter in these classes, points earned in these classes will not be applied to youth or junior high point totals.
13 Grand & Reserve Champion Awards will be awarded immediately following each section of halter class,  but presentation of  Hi Point awards will be awarded at the show office at the conclusion of Sundays show.

14 All owners are encouraged to have a current brand inspection and/or Coggins and Health papers on all of  their animals.
15. Pickup your entry numbers at the show office. 
16. All stock must be tied up or in pens or stalls.   No loose stock. 

17.  If using pens that are available at the Rodeo Ground DO NOT TAKE PANELS APART!!
       they must stay where they are but maybe used.
Mules and Donkeys generally HATE dogs.  If you want to keep your dog alive, keep it on a leash. 

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