Note:  Montana Mule Days does not run standardized lengths in our games. We are not a sanctioned event.
Tara and Rick Price
Montana Longears Association.
1193 Point of Rocks Rd
Whitehall ,Mt 59759

Marilyn & Jim Stromberg
1016 Fletcher Lane
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 777-2331

List of Classes 2017
FRIDAY, JUNE 9 2017  8:00 A.M.
Adult Showmanship
Youth Showmanship
Junior Showmanship
Molly Mules of 13 & before
John Mules of 13 & before
Mules of  2014
Mules of 2015
Mules of 2016
Mule foals of 2017
Molly Mules all ages
John Mules all ages
Donkey foals of 2017
Jennet—large standard
Gelding—large standard
Jack—large standard
Mounted Youth Donkey Trail
Mounted Junior Donkey Trail
Mounted  Adult Donkey Trail
Miniature Trail 48” & under, in hand
Mounted Youth Mule Trail
Mounted Junior Mule Trail
Mounted Mule Trail
Mule English Equitation
Mule English Pleasure
Mule Unicorn Driving
Youth Costume
Junior Costume
Scurry Race section 1
Beginner Showman Western Pleasure
Kindergarten Donkey Western Pleasure
Kindergarten Mule Western Pleasure
Junior Donkey Western Pleasure
Donkey Western Pleasure
Youth Mule Western Pleasure
Junior Mule Western Pleasure
Mule Western Pleasure
Mule Western Equitation
One Minute Free Style Reining
Mule 4 up competition Driving
Youth Donkey Ribbon Race
Junior Donkey Ribbon Race
Donkey Ribbon Race (adults
Youth  Mule Ribbon Race
Junior Mule Ribbon Race
Mule Ribbon Race (adults)
Youth Donkey Flag and Pole Race
Junior Donkey Flag and Pole Race
Donkey Flag and Pole Race( Adult)
Youth Mule Flag and Pole Race
Junior Mule Flag and Pole Race
Mule Flag and Pole Race (Adult)
Youth Single Donkey Log Pull
Junior Single Donkey Log Pull
Single Donkey Log Pull (for donkeys not entered
in any team or hitch classes)
Youth Single Mule Log Pull
Junior Single Mule Log Pull
Single Mule Log Pull (for mules not entered
in any team or hitch classes)
Donkey Team Log Pull
Mule Team Log Pull
Balls and Barrels ( team event only, minis are the only
ones allowed to run in a two or 4 wheeled vehicle), NO CHARIOTS !

4 wheeled vehicle
SATURDAY, JUNE  10 ,2017     8:00 A.M.
Youth Donkey Single Pleasure Driving
Junior Donkey Single Pleasure Driving
Single Adult  Donkey Pleasure Driving
Youth Single Mule Pleasure Driving
Junior Mule Single Pleasure Driving
Single Adult  Mule Pleasure Driving
Adult Mule Steer Daubing
Junior Mule Steer Daubing
Youth  Mule Steer Daubing
Youth Donkey Tire Crawl Thru
Junior Donkey Tire Crawl Thru
Adult Donkey Tire Crawl  Thru
Youth Mule  Tire Crawl Thru
Junior Mule Tire Crawl Thru
Adult Mule Tire Crawl Thru
Youth Donkey Team Pleasure Driving
Junior Donkey Team Pleasure Driving
Donkey Team Pleasure Driving
Scurry Race Section 2
Mule 6 up competition driving
Musical Sacks (Mules and Donkeys)
Lead Line 
Youth Mule Team Pleasure Driving
Junior Mule Team Pleasure Driving
Adult Mule Team Pleasure Driving
Donkey Team Penning
Mule Team Penning
Mule 4 abreast Pleasure Driving
Youth Donkey Pole Bending
Junior Donkey Pole Bending
Donkey Pole Bending
Youth Mule Pole Bending
Junior Mule Pole Bending
Mule Pole Bending
Youth Mule Team Canadian Maze
Junior Mule Team Canadian Maze
Canadian Maze Chariot, donkey team
Canadian Maze, Chariot, mule team
Chariot Race, Flat Track, Mule Team
Chariot Race, Flat Track, Donkey Team
Feed Team Race, Mule Team
Feed Team Race, Donkey Team
SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017   8:00 A.M.
Single Donkey Obstacle Driving
Youth Single Mule Obstacle Driving
Junior Single Mule Obstacle Driving
Adult Single Mule Obstacle Driving
Youth Lead your Donkey to Water
Youth Lead your Mule to Water
Youth Donkey Balloon Bust
Youth Mule Balloon Bust
Donkey Team Obstacle Driving
Youth Mule Team Obstacle Driving
Junior Mule Team  Obstacle Driving
Mule Team Obstacle Driving
Scurry Race Section 3
Packing class for Mules, Donkeys and Mules and Donkeys 48” and under
Slow Ass Express, Donkeys
Fast Ass Express, Mules
Mule 8 up Competition Driving
Old Clothes Race, youth
Old Clothes Race, junior
Hide Race  Donkeys
Hide Race  Mules
Mule Tandem Driving
Youth Donkey Barrel Race
Junior Donkey Barrel Race
Donkey Barrel Race, Adult
Youth Mule Barrel Race
Junior Mule Barrel Race
Mule Barrel Race, Adult
Antique/Unique Vehicle Driving Class